Eccles Global is offering graduate and undergraduate University of Utah students the opportunity to participate in a four-week learning abroad trip in Ghana. This class teaches students about health and economic development and gives students the opportunity for experiential study of the ecology of expanding markets in Ghana. Students will work closely with Ensign College of Public Health and University of Utah faculty, local businesses, and health clinics as they study development in Ghana. By completing this program, University of Utah students fulfill an IR requirement and gain memorable experiences by learning abroad.


WHEN: Summer 2021

WHERE: Kpong, Ghana and surrounding areas

TAUGHT BY: Stephen C. Alder, PhD 


Different projects are assigned to students each year that help them gain a greater understanding of public health and development in Ghana. Students will take on leadership roles as they develop and complete their projects during the length of the class.


Excursions expose students to a range of different experiences and enable them to gain a sense of the wonderful country of Ghana. These expeditions explore public health, history, art, and wild ecotourism as we delve into the culture and appreciate everything that Ghana has to offer.  


Here is a breakdown of pricing, what's included in the program, and the overall program cost.


Student safety is our highest priority. We provide a safe and secure environment to promote learning and growth. 

  • Gain valuable leadership experience

  • Work one-on-one with faculty from University of Utah faculty based in Utah and Ghana

  • Stand out by participating in a learning abroad course

  • Enjoy learning about a new culture

  • Expand your horizons, travel, & gain new friends from the US and Ghana

  • Become familiar with ecological and systems thinking in the social and behavioral sciences

  • Cultivate an understanding of how to conceptualize and apply multiple influences that impact economic development in an emerging economy

  • Gain experience evaluating and making strategic recommendations for helping business respond to contextual challenges

  • Learn strategies for framing the cultural, political, economic, and structural landscape environment

  • Understand the basic elements of behavior and social theory and how they relate to business development

  • Improve oral and written presentation skills


I feel that I have changed significantly throughout my time in Ghana. Not only did I acquire a significantly higher understanding of business, community health, development, and other crucial ideas from the coursework, but I also gained more cultural understanding. Furthermore, I feel that my comfort zone has been stretched and I am now a lot more comfortable in new situations. I feel better about being in another country, interacting with people who are not from the same culture/background as me, and being in places that I am not used to.

 - Brooke

I love to look back on the beautiful days I spent in Ghana. A month filled with love from others, passion for developing communities, and an endless supply of the best mangos in the world! I would go back in a heartbeat if ever given the opportunity again.

 - Callie

This experience has been transformative, eye opening, and one of the most worthwhile
and immersed months of my life. I am so grateful that I decided to come here and, in doing so,
learned more about my leadership style, how to make it globally applicable, and the ways that
global health can be legitimately applied in real life situations. I will definitely miss being in this
beautiful country.

 - Quincy



Community Engagement

  • Orientation and introduction to community engagement 

  • Overview of Health 2 Go 

  • Community engagement, field work, and clinic visits in the Kpong area

  • BUS 3800/5800 coursework

  • book club meetings and follow-up discussions 

Cultural Exploration

  • Accra Arts Center, custom clothes, and bead markets

  • Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

  • Elmina Slave Castle tour

  • Kakum canopy walk

  • Palm oil processing

  • Queen mother campus visit to discuss Krobo tribe and Kpong history

  • Traditional food making demonstrations and tasting

  • Mt. Yogaga, Wli Falls, Boti Falls, and Shai Hills resource reserve hiking

  • Mango grove, tilapia, and maggot farming tours

  • local High School visit to learn traditional drumming and dancing 

  • Traditional bead making demonstration at Cedi Beads

  • Ghanaian fabric factory tour

  • Volta Dam tour and snail research discussion

  • Shea nut processing tour

  • Eco-tourism development discussion at Mole National Park

  • Wildlife and natural resource exploration with Zaina's walking and jeep safaris

  • Larabanga Mosque visit

  • Journal and book clubs for assigned readings

Leadership Development 

  • Leadership workshops and project development 

  • Presentation development and competition

  • Journal and book clubs for assigned readings 

  • Group celebration

*Itinerary is subject to change


Send all questions or inquiries to Jill Stephenson 


President, Ensign College of Public Health

Special Advisor for West Africa Programs
Office for Global Engagement
TSH Morton Endowed Professor
Department of Family and Preventive Medicine
University of Utah

Administration Manager, Office for Global Engagement

Please message Jill with any questions or inquiries regarding the Eccles Global program.