Ensign Global is a true partner organization for service organizations, academic institutions, and all levels of patrons and supporters. Our partnership philosophy and approach are unique in that we look to create value through sustainable programming that benefits the entire community – those doing the work and those in the community we are serving. We do not want to simply leave communities better than we found them, we want to show communities how to use the resources they have for a better quality of life for years to come.

Organizations that partner with us get a true glimpse into the communities we serve and make it possible for those communities to develop and thrive through education and improvement.

Our Partnership Objectives/Goals
  • Ensign Global strives to create sustainable programs that build upon one another. Our programs and projects are not a short solution. We aim to create dynamic programs that continue to develop and grow a community over time.

  • We believe the communities we work with have capacity for continuous development, education, and use of resources.  Through our partnerships we make it possible for the communities to develop and improve even after the completion of our projects.

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President, Ensign College of Public Health

Special Advisor for West Africa Programs
Office for Global Engagement
TSH Morton Endowed Professor
Department of Family and Preventive Medicine
University of Utah

Administration Manager, Office for Global Engagement

Please message Jill with any questions or inquiries regarding our partnership programs.