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Stephen C. Alder, PhD

President, Ensign College of Public Health

Special Advisor for West Africa Programs
Office for Global Engagement
TSH Morton Endowed Professor
Department of Family and Preventive Medicine
University of Utah


Ensign College of Public Health (ECOPH) is committed to building a better world by creating, sharing and implementing knowledge. Our world-class grounds and facilities reflect the standards of excellence that we strive to achieve through quality educational programs, cutting-edge research and innovation, and high-impact community engagement.

ECOPH has been established to be a place where there is a never-ending drive to create a future where people and communities can create the conditions for optimal health and wellness by preventing disease, promoting health and building self-reliance. Our pledge is to fulfill the vision upon which we were founded – to change the world through scholarship.

ECOPH has engaged the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana) to mentor us during our critical inaugural years and the University of Utah (US) as a close partner with whom we can create a fusion of the best of West Africa and the United States.

We are educating Public Health practitioners and leaders who will shape a future where the debilitating diseases of today become relics of history, where the foundations of healthy living can be part of every home, where our health systems can focus on improving wellness, where access to needed health resources are available to all, and where our institutions are guided by evidence-based and value-driven policies.

We are joining the field of leading research institutions who are expanding the global capacity to overcome what seem like insurmountable hurdles. We are partnering with visionary communities and organizations who are committed to raising others as they strive to improve their own capacity.

Please join us as we continue our journey – whether it is enrolling in our educational program, participating in our hosted workshops or conferences, partnering with us to discover or implement better ways for improving health and well-being, or simply committing to living a healthy lifestyle and helping others to do so. 

As the President of Ensign College of Public Health, I invite you to think of us as your committed partner in health.